Dreams do come true…

My husband and I are of the same mind. Both of us grew up helping our grandmothers in their gardens and around their farm. I remember being little and my grandmother would tie a bed sheet around me in sort of a sling, and carry me on her back as she tended to the garden and her farm animals. I loved it as a child and always wanted to give this experience to my children too. My kids are not little anymore, our son, 18 and our daughter 10, they are of the age where a little convincing may be in order. So, for the last five years, we as a family have been talking about moving to a farm either here in Florida or North Carolina. Our son, wouldn’t even hear of any kind of a move out of state. This, made us realize that even though he is 18, we simply do not want to split our family up. So the plan was solid, but. A series of unfortunate events, business disappointments and layoffs left us with our dream but no money to finance it. Our lease on the home we have been renting was to expire June 2015 and with a small budget for rent, me out of work and my husband already working 50+ hours a week, something had to come our way. All the rentals in our area skyrocketed and so it was clear that it’s time to consider moving out of the area somewhere more country. No problem there, that is what we were looking for.

I called my friend, who owns some properties in that area and let her know we were looking for something to rent. A month later, she messaged me that her neighbor is putting her house and 5 acre property for rent, because she is moving into town. I was ecstatic! We made an appointment to see the property and visited it the following weekend. Immediately, we fell in love. The five acres are nice and open, divided with out buildings, pasture and garden area. Existing chicken coup for our four city chickens stood ready. The bonus, cherry on top of the cake was the horse which came with the property and rent credit which we would receive for taking care of it. Bam! Just like that, all fell into place. We signed the lease, and our move in date is June 5th, 2015. After calling the power company, I found out that the power bill is on average $140, this is $100-150 less than what we are paying now! There is no water bill and the garbage is paid for by the owner. So to total everything up, our rent, utilities and cable will not even touch the amount of our current rent of $1150!

I am breaking this down for those who would love to live this way and feel that it is financially out of reach. Our savings will cover the security deposit, utility deposit and the first month rent! We have no 401K to use and due to the loss of 2 businesses our credit is pretty shot too.

In three weeks, we will be moving and I am already making plans for my gardens, animals and all the things I will make.

The kids are excited as well, which makes me very happy. My husband and I will be able to teach them how to raise and grow things after all.

Feeling excited!


P.S. Since this is a little victory for us, after 3 hard years, we will call it Victory Garden Farm! 🙂


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