Ok. Sooo. I am very excited to finally start my blog. Oh the things I want to share with you… Where to start?

We have moved to our farm beginning of June, 2015. The move included our two kids, our sons girlfriend, our 5 year old Catahoula Leopard dog Leo and 4 of our chickens. Eight months later, we have 13 chickens, one rooster, a pig – Bacon Bits, 2 more Catahoula puppies, 4 meat rabbits and an awesome kitty -Sonny who we never call by her name.

We have built a chicken coop, put up fences and a new-to-us gate. (I picked it out of our neighbors trash a few days after we moved in, free yay!), reinforced fenced, cleaned up after a tree fell and missed the horse barn by a hair!

During the last eight months, I have started to work. At first I took a job in a farm store for minimum wage, just so I get money for groceries and gas and a nice discount on feed and such. Let me tell you, this job and my boss were actually very healing for my body and soul.

Many look at a minimum wage job as demeaning, but mine took my mind off of my financial disappointments and restored my faith in good bosses. I am forever thankful to Sean at the Farm and Pet Outlet in Eustis, FL for giving me the job and the much needed work “therapy”. In August, our of nowhere I got hired for the job I am actually trained – a chef.

I work in a wonderful retirement community, about 20 minutes from our farm. Not only is my job fulfilling, but I have another amazing boss, who’s everyday positive attitude motivates me and simply just makes me happy to work. Not to mention, I get to bring home the best piggy food for our Bacon Bits.

I have made soap, cooked up incredible meals, made bread and desserts which disappeared faster than the time it took to make them. We have laid out a garden and had organic soil delivered. I am ready to plant anything and everything.

My blog will be on our progress, failures and anything that can help you make your farm dreams come true.

It is my goal to earn a living from the farm. My husband Mike has made me an incredible farm table for Thanksgiving and a 3-tier cupcake stand from the oak tree that fell.  He has set up one of the barns as his workshop and these will be for sale as well.

Next up, we are getting a dairy cow and building more cages for the rabbits. Did you know that a rabbit pair will provide your farm with 300lbs of meat a year??? That’s just crazy! We are also getting more chickens and ducks!

Here are a few pictures to enjoy. Let me know which topic you would like to read about next week.




I am farm-blogging! Yay!

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