Spring on the Farm

Spring is here! I know, we live in Florida, so it’s always nice here, but nevertheless!

We have baby chicks. As I have mentioned in my last post, I purchased five New Hampshire reds and five Black Austrolorps. They are doing great and Mike built them a neat tractor. Since we have been handling them from the beginning, they are nice and tame and when I reach into the coop, they gather around my hand and gently peck it to investigate.


Mike also purchased 15 fertile eggs from a breeder. These are Golden Lace Wyandottes. We had them in our incubator and last week 7 of them hatched. The rest was not fertile. That is a 50% hatch rate, which turned out to be quite costly. We paid $40.00 for the eggs.  Not sure if I want to try this again. The 7 chicks are doing great. They are a week old now and we will be moving them to a bigger brooder.



Last week, we also bred our Miss Fatty Pants rabbit. It was our bucks first time and well at first he seemed to have the correct ends confused. I won’t lie. Mike and were laughing, hard! But the buck got it right, fell over on his side twice and that is what we wanted. Mike put them together again, but the female refused to let him get close. Let’s hope it worked!



The orange trees are in bloom and the lovely scent carries into all corners of the farm. Mike keeps adding on to his to do list every day. He is building bee hives and at the same time, finishing his forge, building farm tables for sale, fixing fences and animal cages, working full time. He wonders why he can’t keep his eyes open once he sits down at 9pm.


My garden is looking lovely. Each morning I keep checking on its progress and each evening add more vegetables to the long list I am already growing. It’s a bit of a trial and error still, since it is our first gardening season here on our farm. My nemesis – cucumbers, have given me a spring headache for the  last 5 years. I realized that the best time to plant these, is in winter. Florida winter, to be more precise. I have added flowers this time too. I have roses, a tiny hydrangea, waiting on delphiniums to come out, baby’s breath and a bunch of wildflowers scattered all over the property. My herbs are coming in nicely, and the sunflower seeds I planted from my sister’s stash, are growing like weeds.




What are you planting on your patio, porch or window sill this spring?

Next up: Outdoor cooking. You will be amazed!


Simca and family


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