Pizza and everything else – outdoors

My shiny new outdoor pizza oven by Il Fornino, was sent to me last month. I could not wait to open it up and get it going. Not because we absolutely love pizza, but because we love cooking anything and everything outdoors.


I am actually writing a cookbook for Il Fornino, so I am cooking and documenting everything for this project. One of the harder things was to figure out the even heating of the entire oven, not just the stone. This allows for cooking in the oven for long periods of time with retention of even heat without fire. I am trying to master the bread, because everything else I got spot on!

Besides having pizza twice a week, I have made roasts, potatoes, chicken, vegetables and dessert in the oven and let me tell you, not having to clean the kitchen is really neat! I absolutely love the fact that it is wood fired. Here in Florida, there is an abundance of wood everywhere. People give it away for free. Last year, a large live oak fell right next to our horse barn and we cut it up without knowing at the time, what we would use it for besides an occasional bonfire. Now it is ready, seasoned and cut for my project.

I celebrated my big 40 this weekend and well, we had an incredible pizza party. My older sister set up the area in an Tuscan theme, with cool Italian music and I made pizza. Everything was a hit! There is nothing better than a lovely fresh out of the oven pizza pie. The dough has 5 ingredients, its a breeze to make, even a day in advance and the toppings are what ever you like!


I highly recommend the Il Fornino oven. It is made of stainless steel and comes on a storage rack. It is moveable and weighs 400 lbs. No more waiting until you own your own home to build your permanent oven! You can take this one with you!

Here are some of the goodies I made in the oven. More will be available in the Il Fornino cookbook out this fall.


Grilling chicken breast



Grilled chicken breast with peaches and grated colby jack cheese






A banana and berry dutch baby doing its thing!

pizza in oven.jpg

And of course pizza!

Happy cook outs!


5 thoughts on “Pizza and everything else – outdoors

  1. Happy Birthday sis again!!! What a lovely time we had, with family and great friends. It was truly another unforgettable celebration! We rock at that 🙂 My next pizza will be Bianca and Also I would like cheese pizza with black olives and few cut pieces of enchovies. Ooooh and that banana berry thingy you had on the photo looks amazing, I want some of that!!! Thank you for great reading again! Love you!


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