Elsie, our new dairy cow

We finally bought a dairy cow. Elsie, is a cross Holstein and Jersey. She is 31 months old and had her first calf in June. She will be our family dairy cow and we look forward to having her with us for many years. I love that she is comfortable around people and enjoys being rubbed down. 

Tomorrow morning, we will milk her for the first time! I will update you right after with pictures!

2 thoughts on “Elsie, our new dairy cow

  1. Congratulations, Simca!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Welcome Elsie- Rozika to our family!!! Your presence will make the farm look more like a true farm! You are adorable and we appreciate your precious gifts you will provide us with. May you love our farm as much or more than your birthplace. Aaaaaw she looks sooooo cute and maybe little hungry? 🙂 We have to fatten her up a little 🙂 Like our grandma would say:” aaaand what can I cook for you?”
    I am happy! Now we need goats and a sheep 🙂


    • Thank you ejka! Elsie is good on her weight. People don’t realize that milk cows are bony. All of the nutrients are directed to the milk supply. Being fat is not goo nor healthy for them. Very different from beef cows.


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