Milking Elsie…

We had a late night. I woke up and took our son to work. Mike was ready with his boots on when I got back at 7:15am. We gathered our tools and went to the barn. Our milk machine is not set up yet, so it’s milk by hand. Cool! We can do this! 

One thing though, Elsie has never been milked by hand! Oh and one more, we collectively, have not milked a cow much! 

Mike built her a stantion with a platform and tried to coax her to walk into it, but no luck. So I washed her udders, grabbed a bucket and started to milk her right there. I saw movies, videos and did this before but, this ain’t the movies and I ain’t no milk maid, yet! Elsie went through her feed bucket in a few minutes and I was just beginning to see some volume in the bucket. She kept moving, Mike got more feed. Repeat and such and then my hand started to cramp. By this time, Elsie moved all the way across the barn. So Mike tied her off to a post added more feed and we tag teamed her from each side. She only picked up her legs a couple of times, nothing major. I rested my head on her stomach, kept milking and Mike did the same. 

Before Elsie came to us yesterday, she had a couple of calves on her and so, I believe she is holding back her milk. I am sure she misses them! We did out best, and will continue as we get to know each other more. In the mean time, Mike will finish the milk machine so we can properly empty her udders. That’s the most important thing. I don’t want her to have any discomfort!

As you can imagine, I wasn’t able to take any pictures. The phone would have ended up on the floor and then I wouldn’t be able to write this post. Here is a picture of Elsie walking with me towards the house.

I love this cow! She follows us everywhere and right now, she is calling out for her calf. It hurts my heart but as time passes, she will be ok. 

Everything will be ok. 

One thought on “Milking Elsie…

  1. Oh no she is missing her calf? is she crying out loud? Aaaaaaw…That is heartbreaking…how about piggy Bacon and TeaTime Horse, are they friends now???
    I am so proud of you guys, truly. Mike is so handy, and now she will have a little podium 🙂 You described the event of milking so vividly that I was sweating by the time I finished reading it. With today’s videos and books on everything, I am sure you will be a pro soon, plus I think farming is in our blood, dear sis. That was a huge bond when you place your head on her stomach. You guys connected with her. It will be so much easier from now. She is your new baby now. That is a wonderful thing. Wish her lots of health and lots of milk.
    Yes Everything will be ok…and we can get an Elsie-Rozika a friend. No one said we will have just one cow.
    Great job on hand milking, I wish to try it too if it is possible and if she will be fine with it, cause this discomfort, must be painful, I can’t imagine.
    I am so excited for you!!!!!


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