Whey, oh so many uses

So, now that we have a dairy cow, Elsie, we make a lot of yoghurt and cheese. With that, we also have its by-product called whey. Whey is the left over liquid which, in itself, is full of incredible flavor, protein, vitamins and minerals like calcium.

This wonderful liquid has numerous uses. I ,personally, put it in soup, baked goods, use it as fertilizer, feed my farm animals like pigs, dogs, cats and chickens. I have never thrown a batch of left over whey away. Lol, that rhymes.

Now, there are two types of whey.

A sweet whey, which comes from cheeses made with rennet, and acid or soured whey which comes from yoghurt, cottage and farmer’s cheese.

I utilize both. The difference is that acid whey used in creamy soups, will have a natural sour tang to them. I made a mistake of using the wrong whey for my soup and well, if you like that, then great. Otherwise, I would use the whey from your cheese making, like mozzarella, cheddar and such to make a creamy soup, sauce, dip…

What I find amazing, though, is what an incredible effect whey has on vegetables. I pour it to the root of the plants for an instant calcium supplement. I am sure there are more benefits, I just love how all the leaves are dark green afterwards.

My dogs love anything related to raw milk. If I am working with milk in the kitchen, my dogs are waiting to get their share. 

We also add it to our pig’s feed and the chickens too! Calcium, it does a body good, man!

What are your favorite uses of whey?

Cream of green bean and potato soup. 

4 cups of sweet whey

4 cups green beans, snapped and cut

2 cups potatoes, peaked and diced

1 bay leaf

1/2 cup flour, or corn starch for gluten free

2 cups cream

1 quart milk

Oil or butter for roux

Salt and pepper to taste


Place the whey, beans, potatoes and bay leaf in a heavy potom pan. Turn on med high and cook until tender. Make a roux, add milk whisk smooth and add it to the soup, add the cream. Slowly bring to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes. Taste and add salt and pepper to your desire.


If you like, you can also puree the soup for a smooth and delicious soup.

If using corn starch, just skip the roux step, mix corn starch in a cup of cold milk and add to the soup.

Serve with fresh crusty farmhouse rye or white. I use whey in that too.


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