Chicken talk…

We love our ladies and our small rooster. Our mixed flock of 30 includes, black australorp, silver laced wyondottes, buff orphignons, polish hen, New hapshire and red stars. We also have 3 pulets and 7 chicks. It is a beautiful sight, especially in the afternoon, when they dot the middle pasture. They chase, yes chase, bugs and scratch the ground. The chickens do a great job of spredding Elsie’s cow pies and practically climb in the wallow with  Bacon-bit when she is eating.

Just the other day, I asked Mike if he could imagine his life without all of these animals, and he simply stated, “Not anymore”. I second that. 

Our chickens have free range over the entire property, but mostly they keep to the back 2 acres of our property. Their yolks are a lovely deep orange and everyone who eats them, raves about their delicious taste. 

They say chickens are the gateway drug, err animal and that’s is absolutely true. I am thinking I need more red stars, because I have more customers now, and well I can’t disappoint them!!!

We will also be ordering broilers in the next week, because there is nothing better than home grown chicken!

Look for a post on our Victory Garden Farm Facebook page, we will be taking deposits for your birds soon!


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