Nature’s fury…

Hurricanes are a part of life, in Florida. The last crazy Hurricane season was in 2004. I was in my last week of pregnancy when Charlie hit. Power was out for a week and we needed chainsaws to get out of our community. With gestational diabetes, it was hard keeping the insulin cold and ice was no where to be found. We survived, as Floridians always do, and a week after I gave birth, Jean came barreling into town. Not as bad, but blue tarps covered much of Central Florida for many months to come. My daughter, 12 asked me why we didn’t name her Charlie and if she could change her name. Lol, I said no!

 When Matthew came calling, everyone wanted to prepare. The news stressed evacuation of barrier islands, most complied, but some did not want to leave their homes and many simply had nowhere to go. Within hours, there was no gas, water, bread and ice! 

 This was the real deal and Georgia, South Carolina are feeling the rath of this powerful hurricane as I write this. Our coast line is battered, many returning to uninhabitable homes. 

I am so happy that our little farm came out unscathed! My biggest worry was the barn areas, which are shaded by giant, live oak trees. While there is a little roof damage, it’s nothing major. The trees lost a few branches and there are a few danglers. The winds were unrelenting for 24 hours straight! With each gust that braced our home, I feared our roof would fly off. But it didn’t! Bunch of branches and leaves litter our pastures but that is alright. My favorite lemon tree was uprooted, but Mike put it back and hopefully it can be saved. The screen pool enclosure has a few rips, but again that is ok. 

We milked in high winds and torrential rain and even lost power, but our amazing power company fixed it within 1 1/2 hours!

I am so grateful that this storm spared us, but saddened at the same time that our historic St.Augustine has been flooded, beaches and roads are damaged and homes lost. Two casualties too many…

Heed warnings of storms, always be prepared, look out for your neighbors and have compassion.

The sun will rise, we will rebuild!

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