To do lists…

It’s no secret, every farm has has an endless to do list. There is a daily list of chores and then the list of things which need to get done now, some are near future and then there are emergencies, which push everything else down the list.

Some things are simple and require only time and labor. Some, need a little spending and most have you digging deeper into your pocket and work ethic.

Sometimes, you just want to take a nap, because you went to bed late reading a great book and had to wake up few ours later to milk the cow, process the milk, make breakfast and lunch for the husband who has to work a ten hour day so you can eventually, dig deeper to pay for those items on the to do list! Ha, now I feel bad! Nap does sound good though.

I regress, the to do list. Ok, so our current list has this thing called the garden. It moves up and down the list, sometimes gets crossed off and then is back on top. 

One of the awesome things about living and farming, in Florida is the soil. Yeah right!!!

Sand, it’s nothing but sand! The bane of my existence! Sand in the yard, sand in the stalls, sand in my garden and sand in my house! I sweep everyday and by now, could have a beach right next to the drain field. Yup, that is a constant item on the to do list!

So, we have been composting our various types of poopies, created by our most loyal farm workers – the animals! I love them and their poop, well not the chicken poop, that’s gross and it’s everywhere. Did you know dogs love to eat freakin poop?? All of it, any of it, anytime! 

Glorious horse poop. I like this poop, it smells good to me. Don’t judge me man!

With the said poop, we add spent hay and leaves and small twigs, used coffee grounds and when I had lots of milk, before acquiring customers, whey. We do not add vegetable scraps to it, because those go to the pig. 

I was feeding our horse, yesterday evening, and noticed the covered area she uses as her potty, has completely decomposed. I got so excited, I nearly peed my pants! Note to self, don’t run to tell Mike, and God forbid, don’t you dare sneeze! TMI, LOL, SMH!!!

Stupid camera on the stupid phone

So, I checked out the compost pile and it looks awesome as well!

Needless to say, the garden is back on top of the list for this weekend! 

My beds are (cough) not ready, I have been layering used coffee grounds, pine needles, grass cuttings and egg shells. The final two layers will be the composted chicken, horse and rabbit poop and spent hay thingy from the barn. I will, probably buy some soil too, just to add a little more goodness!

I won’t lie, this is sad

The list also includes, the mentioned drain field, smoker, slaughter the pig, weeding and fixing of the garden wall around the pool enclosure and everything else, that happens in between!

And, this just in. As I was sitting on my back porch, drinking coffee and writing this post, I looked up over the pastures and noticed an odd thing. Elsie decided, she wanted to eat the better grass in the off limits pasture, so she gently opened the gate. Now we need a new gate. See what I mean? Tested husband, this will need to be fixed first! Lol, I can’t even. Oh, I need a new phone. The camera on this one is horrible and I am a blogger, dang it! 


So, on with the to do lists, scribble and all that jazz. 


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