Morning silence…

It’s Sunday, 8am. We just finished our morning chores. 

I love Sunday. 

It’s the only day Mike and I get to sleep in. The rest of the week he works and we get up at 5am for the morning chores. 

We sit on our back porch overlooking the farm. The sun is hidden behind a few clouds and the ever present gentle breeze stirs the sycamore trees surrounding our home. Mr. Rod, the original owner of this property, planted them in purposeful manner, so they cast a shade over the house.  Here in Florida, you need shade!

While we sit here in silence, enjoying our morning,  we relax and sip our hot coffee. Today, would have been hard to get up. I worked in the garden yesterday and cleaned the entire house, did laundry and made dinner. I sat behind the computer researching and learning about essential oils. By the end of the night, I was toast. My sciatica was ragging and I had a pretty intense headache from working in the sun. 

We believe in growing and raising what we eat. Because everything we do is about getting back to basics, we naturally inclined to use as much of nature’s medicine as possible. It’s why we have a farm.

Since, I received my first essential oil kit I asked Mike if he could massage my back. He said of course and so I blended a few drops of doTERRA deep blue with some organic extra virgin olive oil. 

Mike is a former weightlifting representative for Czechoslovakia, he knows massage! Let me tell you, for the first time in a very long time, I got up this morning without pain! The oils and massage together helped me so much, I didn’t have to do my pretzel stretching at all. I was able to clean Elsie’s udders without getting up like a beatup MMA fighter. I can not believe that I am sitting in this chair without shifting all the time to release pressure off of my lower back. 

Needless to say, I am happy!

Of course we have a full day ahead, but that is ok. I feel great!

If there is something out there, to help your ailments, making your life manageable wouldn’t you try it? I wish I did sooner!

Anyone interested in the wonderful healing properties of doTERRA essential oils should let me know! Let’s see how we can help you! 

Disclaimer: Mike is not included with any essential oils! Lol.

Please take a moment and visit my website for more information on the best essential oils out there!

Happy Sunday to all!


7 thoughts on “Morning silence…

  1. I had goats for a while but the noise drove me quite mad! I will miss the milk if Lady is not bred but I have been milking for years now so i am kind of looking forward to a summer off. Hopefully she is not bred – but – well I don’t know. c

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