A few minutes before 7pm, I walk to my garden to water it. As the sun descends, I gave it to water the pickling cucumbers.  This is the first year in seven, that is successful for me with this delicious, multipurpose vegetable. I learned yet another thing. Do not plant anything by it, it will be taken over! I shield my eyes with one hand as I hold the hose inbthe other. The sun is still relentless at this time of day. From behind the cucumbers peaks a row of my sister’s sunflowers. Some are taller than me and some are much shorter. Their yellow faces turned towards the sun. I love them. They remind me of the sunflower fields planted along narrow country roads in my former home of Slovakia. 

I am also growing lettuce, kale, chard, carrots and beets in this bed, again next year, I will know better. I am very pleased with this bed though. As crowded as it is, everything seems to thrive. Our rabbits get greens twice a day and they all come from our garden. Our composted manare is amazing!

At the end of this row I planted watermelon. A second for me, but this is actually growing. Last sreason I bought starts and they didn’t do well at all. Right next to it are potatoes.  The greens of them have already wilted and so I left them still in the ground and dig out only what I need. 

As I dig them out, I transplant my flowers starts. Wild flowers and zinnia. My wish is to have a flower garden too. But, one thing at a time.

The middle beds hold our red cabbage, which I have thinned out already, different lettuces, radish, cherry tomatoes and peas. I planted Spanish onion too, but between the grass that is invading this bed, I can’t seem to find it. This is good grass I pull for the rabbits, so I don’t mind.

This is the only bed with a bunch of grass, I will have to add a lot more manure next time to make it deeper. There are two corn looking plants in this bed, but they are not corn at all. I am not sure what they are and it looks like its about to seed, I will have take care of that!

This year I  also bought cabbage starts and planted some cabbage from seed. The starts are much smaller than the ones from seed. Interesting experiment! 

I have never had vine climbing beans. They grow to about a foot and that’s it. I get nice beans, but I would like them to climb too. These are coincidently pole beans haha. 

I planted 3 different bins just for the rabbits. Arugula, lettuce and kale. I keep cutting them back and keep growing back like crazy! Such a satisfying process. 

My tomato jungle is off the charts. We had a late freeze here in Florida and I was devastated, thinking I lost them all. But after cutting the frozen tops, the plants grew like freaks! Let’s hope my spacing issue doesn’t hinder my harvest. I need to address this, is there a I plant things too close support group? I may need to join.

Here i also planted broccoli and kohlrabi. Already harvested and eaten and cooked and frozen. There is a 2 year old pepper which keeps on giving. Good little guy! Oh and somehow, I have some violet volunteer plants here. I must have tossed them over here last year. I don’t know, I love them though. Their scent and color also remind me of Slovakia. If I could only grow Lilly of the valley and lilac, and dandelions and forsythia… Wrong planting zone I know, but one day….
Zuchinni and squash are doing well too. Well the plants are, not so much of the squashes though. I think they are lazy. They flower beautifully but so far, only a handful of squash. 
So many firsts this year! Cauliflower and broccoli from purchased startsfrom a nursery did great! The seeds I used were a Christmas gift from my younger sister. A non gm pack of many varieties of vegetables. These seeds were the best so far for me. I will certainly use them again. 

I am far from a master gardner, but each year I try and do more than the last. The reward is truly satisfying. I don’t believe I could ever not have a garden. 

After I finish watering the garden, I pick the greens for the rabbits and join Mike in the barn for our evening chores. When we finish, the sun is almost gone and we make our way back to the house. We process the milk, feed the dogs and cats and I make coffee. Our evening is done, sitting on the porch enjoying the evening breeze. 

Sow a seed and you will harvest. Such a simple and true phrase. 

What are you planting in your garden or containers?


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