It has been hot, humid and rainy. I don’t usually mind, but the garden has suffered and I said to heck with it. Fall is my favorite time anyway. Over the summer we added to our little farm. 

Elsie, our dairy cow is due in October, and she is dry now, enjoying a break before her little calf arrives. We realized that she needed a friend. So, about a month ago, we got Big Butter. She is 100% jersey, just tad bigger and she is lovely. The girls became buddies from the start. This obviously, makes us very happy! They graze all day together, lay side by side in the shade or in the cow barn and they lick each others faces. It’s very entertaining!

Her milk is amazing and she is due in January. Our milking routine hasn’t changed with the new cow. Big butter want used to a stancion, but our stancion is under roof and she has the view of the farm. It literally takes 8 minutes to milk her with our machines and then she is off to enjoy the pasture. 

Before we brought her home, we were 3 weeks without milk, and let me tell you, we were a grumpy bunch of people! Haha, better planning in the future for sure!

Another addition to do farm, were our trio of breeding geese. We bought the American buff geese. What a beautiful little flock. They get to free range all day and are inseparable! They greet us each time we enter their pasture and they have become friends with all of the farm animals. 

We hope the fees will breed and we will sell and harvest their offspring. Nothing like a nice goose for Christmas. 

Our barn cat Lilly had her first and last litter of kittens.

 She is at the house with them now and Daisy,our catahoula had to take over the rat control. Leo, the male catahoula finds their hiding place and Daisy takes care of the rest. She caught a rat in the barn as it was jumping to escape. Mid jump, Daisy’s ninja skills caught it and that was the end with the rat.

We also got 10 Delaware chicks, these are large brown egg layers and we do not have any white chickens, so these beauties are a great addition to our mixed flock of Ride Island reds, Buff Orphignons, welsummers, silver laced cochins, 2 polish hens, a few red stars and 1 austrolorp. 

Chickens are a true gateway drug to any homesteader. I am telling you, all the memes are right! There is no, ok now I am done! Nope! ! Not happening!  We really do have a problem!  Lol.

Mike, has also started removing bees for people. He has removed 4 hives and 1 he couldn’t save. They were africanized and let me tell you how upset he was that he had to dispatch them. He mopped around for days. It is not something a bee keeper likes to do! Having bees has been wonderful. Not just for the obvious supply of honey, but because we have so much to learn from them. They are intelligent creatures with a work ethic like nothing on this planet. I wish people would realize their importance in our daily lives!

I have also started a group on Facebook which helps homesteaders and farmers find ways to make extra income. I post videos every week on a different topic, in hopes of helping someone out there. It has been great connecting with people from all over the world, teaching and learning as well. It is my wish, that no homesteader/hobby farmer ever have to stop what they are doing because they can not afford it. You are welcome to join our group on Facebook. Just click on the link and it will take you to one of our videos. Then, click on the title Discovering ways… This will take you to the group.

Hope your summer was great and you have plans for the fall, we are preparing the garden again… 



2 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Beautiful and entertaining summary as usual, sis! Your animals rock! Such fun personalities, lol. Milk from Butter is truly delicious. I had no idea she is also expecting, wow! Happy happy joy joy!

    Liked by 1 person

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