Cooler air, fall is here

I love fall. For me, summer in Florida, is like winter in Alaska. The weather makes me want to stay inside. Every task outdoors, during summer, makes you sweat profusely. I don’t really like sweating…

Fall, in the other hand, inspires me. Bekons me to come outside, to open the windows and as the northern breeze plays with my hair, I reach for a light sweater. This means shorter days and more time spent with family in the evening. It means I will make heartier meals, it means I get to rake and gather the pine needles and leaves for the garden. 

Fall means Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner and, once again we get to hear happy kids having a blast at Santa’s farm, which backs up to our property. Their hay ride takes them along our back fence, where Elsie and her week old calf Bambulka graze and hang out in the shade of our live oak trees. 

Our chickens seem to prefer the cooler weather as well. They lay better and run around happily, randomly jumping in air to catch a flying bug. Our bees are doing well and with last night’s chill, Teatime our horse queen, got her cold weather coat. She is so fluffy!

I love waking up and feeling the cold air in the house. It inspires me to bake and cook comfort foods. Fresh bread dipped into a hearty stew, hot chocolate with a lovely apple strudel or traditional Strapacky, Slovak potato duplings with sauer kraut, crispy pork belly, sourcream and green onion.


4 potatoes

1 egg

1 1/2 cups AP flour 

1/2 teaspoon salt plus for water

1 bag sauerkraut

16 oz of smoked pork belky ir thick cut bacon

1 tablespoon lard or oil 

Green onion

Sour scream

Boil a large pot of water with salt keep it simmering. Cut the pork belly or bacon and sautee in a cast iron skillet with the lard/oil. Remove the crispy pork belly into a small bowl and pour some of the drippings into the bowl as well. Add the strained sauerkraut and sautee for 10 minutes. 

 Peel and wash the potatoes  puree them with the egg, until smooth. Transfer into a large bowl and add the flour and salt. Using a mixing spoon, blend all the ingredients. The batter should be thick but still pourable. If it is too thick, add a little water.

Using a spaetzle maker,  scrape the batter, one a time, into the boiling water. Always let the water come back to a boil before removing them with a strainer into another bowl. Continue until all the batter is used.

Combine the dumplings with the sauerkraut and add some of the pork belky and dripping. Mix it all together.

Serve with sourcream and chopped green onion, topping it off with some crispy pork belly. 

Enjoy!! I sure did!

With fall, all the lovely decorations come out. Chrysanthemums are everywhere, the smell of cinnamon permiates through out the house and pumpkins line front porches. The sun has a different glare to it and hot apple cider warms the soul.

 I can not wait until the day, we call a four season state our home. I dream of winter, a crackling fire place and the soft sound of falling snow. Just two more years…


Here is a link for a spaetzle maker:,store:12608680458201168326&prds=oid:13687652924374911575&q=spatzle+maker&hl=en-US&ei=SPr3WcaKI6bqjwTEvKPQBQ&mcid=PS_googlepla_nonbrand_kitchenfoodprep_local&lsft=gclid:Cj0KCQjwm9vPBRCQARIsABAIQYf6ZUQNbZ9g7PV–iHHP5JFznbhUxlF5gpe68O-kgVQiudhh3nCN7AaAvvhEALw_wcB

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